Showcasing Mandala Mystique

Showcasing Mandala Mystique

Visit my work in person!


Visit my work in person!

About Me

My Background


I've loved all forms of art my entire life.  To create is in my heart and soul .  With lIfe training and little formal training I just do what I love and do it the way I want.  It took many years for me to put my art out there and show and sell to the public.  Painting is my happiness and meditation.  I get lost in every piece I create.

My Medium


I create unique designs using gloss enamel paint on rocks, slate, coasters, wine glasses, vases, ornaments, patio stone, wood and anything else that can be painted on.  They are then sprayed with a triple thick gloss.  My pieces are commissioned and are one of a kind in which I pour positive energy into each piece.

My Inspiration


Going to the beach and collecting rocks is one of my happiest memories with my daughters.  Our rock collection became so large I decided to start painting on them. I researched the history of Mandalas and love and respect the story behind the meditation and spirituality that go into creating them, originally out of sand.  My mandalas are my version of the original masterful creations.

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